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I like it when someone Google searches ‘convenient and fast ways to make money online.’ This is an 8 word longtail keyword phrase where the searcher is actually trying to accomplish 2 things in one search.Convenient And Fast Ways To Make Money OnlineFirst of all I think when they say convenient what they really mean is easy. It is already convenient because the work you are doing to do is making money is on the Internet. You can do this from the comfort of your own home as long as you have Internet access.Many of us are going to sit down in front of our computer and make money online. I have a 22 inch screen that makes it easy for me to see what I’m doing.However, today many people use Smartphones, iPads, and so on to earn money online. This is very convenient.

In terms of easy what the searcher is really saying is they don’t want to learn specific Internet marketing skills to earn money. Right away this is going to rule out affiliate marketing, network marketing, and anything that takes a little while to learn how to make money.What you’re really looking for is a fast way to earn money that doesn’t take any specific skills. Let me offer a couple of suggestions.Convenient And Fast Ways To Make Money Online iWriteriWriter is a writing program where you get paid to write content on various topics. It’s free to set up an account and they offer a short tutorial on how to get started.You choose the topics that you’re interested in writing about and you produce the content. You wait for the customer to approve your article and then you are eligible to be paid.You can set your payments up to be paid weekly, 2 times a month, or monthly. You start out at a lower rate on your first articles and as your ratings and number of articles increase so will your pay.This is very convenient because you sit down in front of your computer and write around your own schedule. It’s fast because you literally can be earning money your first day and see your check within a week.Convenient And Fast Ways To Make Money Online FiverrFirverr is a great little website where you get paid $5 to perform specific tasks that the customer needs done. Actually you will earn $4 dollars because Fiverr is going to take out their cut.

Nothing is too crazy in terms of things people want done for them. Spend a little time and look at all the different ways people are creating income.You may want to purchase a Fiverr training course. You can Google search for them or check out The Warrior Special Offers section at the Warrior Forum.Of course one service you could provide is article writing. After you develop some experience at iWriter you can branch out and write articles on sites such as Fiverr, Hire Writers, and so on.These are a handful of convenient and fast ways to earn money online. I have found that providing a simple service is a good way to actually get some money coming in. Then you can develop your skills and earn more money online from there.

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Because of the recession, jobs are few and far between, so hard-pressed individuals are looking more and more at alternative ways of generating income to keep their heads above water. Luckily, the internet has created some splendid opportunities for the public to profit in fine style, and one of the most lucrative of these is filling in online surveys.Online market research – time is moneyIn this day and age, market research is more important than ever. Corporations have got wise to the fact that there is no use launching products onto the market only to have them die a slow death due to one miscalculation or another. Companies nowadays can easily sink or swim according to the decisions they take regarding product design, along with many other choices, so this is why firms are eager to engage in market research in order to test the water with potential consumers as regards their latest and greatest products. The good news for members of the public is that this opens up fantastic earning opportunities, which allow motivated individuals to make money online, fast and easy.

In the past, market research was mainly conducted on the telephone or in face to face interviews on the street, but nowadays the internet provides the perfect arena for surveys and opinion polls. Furthermore, companies are willing to pay people to express their views, whereas in former times the public were more naïve and happily answered all sorts of questions with no reward whatsoever.If you have trouble making ends meet every month, or you are snowed under with loan and credit card debts, you should know that you can get cash for surveys, and this will ease the financial burden. Similarly, if you are trying to pay for your education, completing online surveys for money can be fitted in with your studies pretty easily.Can I make a living filling in surveys?Naturally, some readers may be skeptical that it is possible to generate a big pile of cash simply by punching in responses to surveys on a raft of websites. To be fair, money doesn’t grow on trees. If you want the secret of how to make money online with surveys, it is important to understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. To make a good living doing surveys, you must be willing to put in some serious hours on your keyboard. On the other hand, if you only need to supplement an existing income, then online surveys are perfect for part-time workers.One way or another, the cash is there for the taking, because the online market research industry is booming. There is so much competition that companies know they have to offer substantial rewards to survey participants in order to generate the results required by their clients.

How to break into online surveysGetting started in the online surveys game is not hard. One way to get moving is simply to fire up Google and punch in some relevant search terms on the topic of paid online surveys. You will get a ton of results in your browser, although you may have to spend some time sorting the wheat from the chaff!Really and truly, if you want to be in with a shot of raking in a lot of cash filling in surveys, you should sign on the dotted line with as many survey sites as you can. The more sites you join, the more earnings opportunities are likely to come your way. Of course, you’ll not be eligible to enter each and every survey, because many are targeted around particular demographics and niches but, provided you open accounts on a raft of survey sites, you can bet that chances to earn will come thick and fast.